Sten mk2 parts kit skeleton stock

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Easily recognised as an icon of old school special forces operations. The S in this edition stands for the suppressor, which is included with the rifle, along with the cover and protective cord, which are also included and pre-assembled.

Sten and Sterling Message Boards

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sten mk2 parts kit skeleton stock

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Posted 04 May - PM. I'm planning on slapping a mk5 stock on my T stock mk2. I've seen a few folks done it, so I'm wondering if there's any fitting issue I should watch out for?

Is it awkward to handle? I would like to know this too.

sten mk2 parts kit skeleton stock

My Customer Service people get this question from our customers quite often. BTW, the wood stock is not at all light weight, its a stout piece of wood! That would be the butt stock only, the small vertical grip requires a space at the end of the tube where the trigger group was moved slightly forward to accommodate that.

I think it's the nicest option for the gun, and if you can find all three wood pieces and modify a gun it's the preferred platform IMO as far as ergonomics. The butt stock alone is a major upgrade, plus you get a spot for cleaning accessories! Posted 05 May - PM. Posted 08 May - AM. I think you'll need the pistol grip for it to be comfortable to shoot. The T stock and loop stock have a sort of grip built in. Posted 12 May - PM.

It wasn't even close to fitting on the MK3. You would have to remove a good bit of material on the metal "tab" on the MK5 stock to get it into that slot on the Mark 3. It was a real tight fit going onto the MK2. I had a bit of trouble getting it back off!Forum Rules. Remember Me? Forum World firearms, ordnance, trench edged weapons World Firearms Sten gun stocks.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Sten gun stocks. Sten gun stocks Heres a some pics of latest sten mk11 in the collection,i was wondering what defines the use or date of skeleton or frame stock,last pic is of my mk11 fitted with silencer and sleleton stock.

Regards to all,Colin. Re: Sten gun stocks Nice items Colin.

sten mk2 parts kit skeleton stock

Does silencers also have some kind of deactivation done to them in the UK? Regards, Lars. Re: Sten gun stocks Yes Lars,they are welded up like the guns them selves. Re: Sten gun stocks I just knew something bad was done to them.

sten mk2 parts kit skeleton stock

Anyway nice items Regards, Lars. Re: Sten gun stocks Nice Sten - Favourite weapon of the Danish resistance fighters during the occupation, especially in this configuration with the silencer. Cheers, Mads. And did you know that this is one of the Mk2s that should have been recalled for destruction towards the end of WW2? It uses a wrap around body, i.

Because the sheet steel is thinner than the trigger housing of the weldded tube Mk2s, they had to place a spacer and repositioner on the trigger housing. This makes it a unique feature and although not really rare, they are quite a scarce varient to find so well done. Re: Sten gun stocks I did guess it was Finnish by the cocking lever,but didnt know it was a lesser quality item,thanks for the info,any idea why there was a T shape stock and a conventional skeleton stock?

Sten Gun No3 Mk1 Skeleton Stock

Re: Sten gun stocks Not really a lesser quality item, it was an atempt to make production simpler but the idea failed because of the way they were made the bodies opened up.

Lines Brothers shared the same idea but got it right with the mk3 by having the join at the top and running the length of the body, preventing the spread. The reason behind the butts is again simplification.These posters are mounted on cardboard backing and formally were hanging in the Manroy building in England where Manroy rebuilt the machine guns.

Frankensten build

Dimensions are 40 inches by 28 inches. Only sold as a set, only one set to sell. Each poster has the Manroy marking on bottom.

Long Range Scope Mount, has four settings to change incline of mount and scope, which allows the scope internal adjustments to still function at long distances. Mounts onto standard picatinny rail and the top accepts picatinny rings or mounts. Lightening cuts on barrel and shorter than standard BREN barrels.

Bore is excellent. Flash hider needs pin. BREN Manual. Original, Irish, Gaelic language. Your choice of new or some are slightly used with ink stamp on cover see photo. BREN Mk3 flashhider with front sight, gas regulator and carry handle. Limited quantity. The best and most reliable of all the cal mags, the MK3 version has an improved spring and lip. Wartime experience led to the improvements and the mags were manufactured approximately at Enfield England.

Each mag has MKlll stamped into the lower left corner, on the left side of the mag.

DIY MK IIS Sten Gun: The Ultimate Vintage World War II Homebuilt

Very good condition. BREN original buttstock with hardware, includes items in photo, new. Fits Bren or L4. BREN buttstock hardware, includes items in photo, new. Only 2 sets here. BREN L4 7. Will work in L1A1 without modification. Very limited quantity. Original British mags.IMA has obtained a few pieces, which are now being offered as parts sets. Each parts set is complete, minus the receiver. This set is supplied with the original is supplied with the later No.

The Sten was so impressive that the Germans produced their very own copies of the gun during WW2. Otto Skorzeny, the very effective head of the German Special Operations troops, tried to get permission to arm his men with the silenced version of the Sten, but was turned down because, in true German fashion, the gun was simply not German.

Magazines must be ordered separately. IMA offers numerous Sten accessories, including slings, bandoleers, carriers, a bayonet, a dummy replica Sten silencer and a hand protector. See product numbers BS and BS for more information. No license required, not available for export. Shopping Cart 0 View cart. Prev Next. Item: XBS Add to Cart. Shipping Restrictions This product is not available for international shipping.

Payment Options Not eligible for payment with Paypal or Amazon.These surplus, used original 9mm STEN parts kits are complete minus barrel and receiver tube. Trigger group housing tabs are intact. Front threaded collar for the barrel support and the ejector are still installed. Kits come with original T stock. Parts kits will contain parts from mixed British and Pakistani countries of origin due to the demilling process. These parts kits are demilled with an acetylene torch that causes a light brown oxidation to form near the cuts.

Kit does NOT include receiver or barrel. Intended for purposes of collection, repair, or replacement parts only. We can not ship these parts to: Washington State or anywhere else prohibited by law.

To order Five or more Parts Kits please contact us for shipping quote. Orders placed without quote will be modified prior to shipping with actual shipping costs.


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